Music I’m Listening To

From jazz singer Patty Cronheim’s 2010 CD Days Like These:

A live performance of a song that’s also the lead track on Brazilian jazz vocalist and pianist Tania Maria’s 1997 CD, Europe.


   One of the virtues of a great song is its ability to tell more than one story by just shifting the singer’s point of view. First, listen to the great Beth Hart sing her song “Tell Her You Belong to Me.”

   How do you visualize the song? Who is the singer?

   Now recently Beth Hart revealed whom she wrote the song about and for.

   Notice how it shifts your opinion of the character who is telling the story of betrayal?


Russell Gunn is described online as a “contemporary Neo-bop jazz musician, known primarily for his trumpet playing.” (Wikipedia.) “Fly Me to the Moon” is a track from his first album, Young Gunn, released in 1995, when he was 24, and re-released in 1998 on Young Gunn Plus.

From this jazz organist’s 1992 album That’s Me.

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