As a followup to my blog entry on Columbo a while back, here’s an email I received today from John Apostolou. On the original M*F website, John is the author of an excellent article on MacKinlay Kantor, which includes a long and complete crime fiction bibliography for him, we believe.

Hi Steve,

   I’m enjoying your new blog.

   Here are a few bits of info about the play “Prescription: Murder.” It opened at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco on January 20, 1962. After a short run, it toured the country, closing in Boston in May of that year. The play never opened on Broadway.

   Thomas Mitchell died in Beverly Hills on December 17, 1962 — not during the tour as sometimes reported.


               John Apostolou

>> Thanks, John. What’s reported is not always what’s true, as anyone who’s done any research has quickly found out.