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A traditional Irish song which means (as I understand it) “Ladies of Ireland.” The guitarist accompanying Sharon Corr is very good too.

   Andrea Motis (born May 9, 1995) is a Catalan jazz singer and trumpeter who has been performing since the age of seven. In this video she is backed by the Joan Chamorro Quartet (Joan Chamorro double bass, Ignasi Terraza piano, Josep Traver guitar, Esteve Pi drums, Perico Sambeat alto sax).

All all-time favorite. This is the first time I’ve seen them play it live.

The vocalist for this hot jazz band, Parisian style, is Tatiana Eva-Marie:


   One of the fun things about exploring the unlimited spaces of the free and wild parts of YouTube is the different Worlds that you can discover there.

   When most think of steampunk, they think of a small genre in fiction, but it is also a lifestyle for some. There are Steampunk conventions happening all over the world and while they may lack the crowds of Comic conventions the steampunk fans are the comic cons fans’ equal in passion.


   What exactly is steampunk depends on whom you ask. For me it is a genre of fiction where the culture features advanced technology powered by steam. Steampunk fiction is set in an alternative history or universe or post-apocalyptic world.

   But we are here for the music. Steampunk music style can range from epic adventure to humor and – if not an instrumental – often uses its lyrics to tell a detailed steampunk story.

   ABNEY PARK along with others such as THE COG IS DEAD and STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE exist beyond the music. While the bands release records and go on tour many prefer to perform stage musicals at Steampunk conventions. The bands have created stage names for each member, each with long and complex back-stories (check out their websites). These characters exist in comics, films, games, books, music videos, animation, stage plays, clothing and merchandise.

IMAGINARY BOY by ABNEY PARK (Album UNDER THE FLOOR, OVER THE WALL (2016) performed by Robert Brown (song and vocals), Skye Warren (guitar), Kristina Erickson (piano), and Derek Brown (bass))

   My favorite is Professor Elemental (Paul Alborough), a white English hip-hop comedian who always has time for tea. Using his time traveling trousers and donations from the public, the Professor did a film about his adventures through time and space as he searched for Jeffery his Orangutan butler.

   In the film the Professor visited many different places in time and space such as INN AT THE END OF TIME, a name-dropping song about the science fiction genre. The segment in the Old West was shot at a Steampunk convention and used volunteers for the cast.


   To end this peek at a small part of Steampunk music is an opera, THE DOLLS OF NEW ALBION, written by Paul Shapera.

   THE DOLLS OF NEW ALBION is a four act musical featuring the McAlistar family and their lives in the city of New Albion. Following is the second song of the play.

NEW ALBION 1. Sung by Kayleigh McKnight.

From Wikipedia:

    “Anneke van Giersbergen, is a Dutch singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist who became known worldwide as the lead singer and songwriter for the Dutch band The Gathering.” She has since gone on to a very successful solo career.

From Wikipedia: “British actor and singer Murray Head raps the verses, while the chorus is sung by Anders Glenmark, a Swedish singer, songwriter and producer.”

I’d forgotten this song until my daughter Sarah reminded me of it recently. Now I can’t get it out of my head:

       This is music that speaks for itself:

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