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   This past Father’s Day, Jon and I went to see a 16mm screening of The Green Slime at the New Beverly in Los Angeles. Apparently, the print, which was somewhat red and faded, is part of Quentin Tarantino’s personal collection. Although the title suggests otherwise, it’s a thoroughly entertaining science fiction film, and we both enjoyed it. The movie’s theme song is a fun piece of schlocky 60s psychedelic rock written by Charles Fox and produced, arranged and performed by surf music pioneer Richard Delvy. You can listen to it here:

A track from an LP I bought this past weekend at a local (Burbank) record shop. (Did you know that Jack’s real name was Elliot Charles Adnopoz? I didn’t either, until yesterday.)

   In my opinion, this New Zealand born singer sings country music better than most country singers born in this country. But what do I know? I don’t listen to most of the current batch of country singers.

   While pianist Joan Stiles is the nominal leader of this group, it is in reality a fine example of three musicians playing together in close knit counterpoint harmony and enjoying every minute of it. The other two players are Joel Frahm on tenor sax and Matt Wilson on drums.

   “Error in the System” is the title track of German singer’s first album, re-recorded in English in 1983. Wikipedia says of Schilling: “[a] synthpop musician whose songs often feature science-fiction themes like aliens, astronauts and catastrophes. He is best-known for his 1983 hit single ‘Major Tom (Coming Home)’ which was an international success.”

   This young singer’s music speaks for itself:


   Echo Four Two was a 1961 British TV series spin-off from No Hiding Place in which Harry Baxter is promoted to Detective Inspector of the Q Car Squad of E Division. Thirteen episodes were planned, but the final three were cancelled due to an actor’s strike. A second season was discussed, but not commissioned, freeing Det. Insp. Baxter to return to No Hiding Place.

   I kind of doubt whether any viewable episodes exist, but here’s the theme song. Turn this one up. Way up!

   Japan was an English new wave band formed in 1974, gradually shifting from glam-rock to foreign-influenced electronic music before breaking up in December 1982. In that time they had nine UK Top 40 hits

   “In Vogue” is a song from their 1979 LP Quiet Life.

The Time Jumpers are a western swing band that’s been around for over 20 years now, and I’ve just caught up with them. They’ve gotten several Grammy nominations and one win. This song was one that was nominated but didn’t win. Nonetheless, I thought it a perfect song for a late Saturday night.

Some days you need a song like this just to get you up and going in the morning:

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