Music I’m Listening To

Live on THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW, a song from her 1987 album “Angel with a Lariat”:

Another song I challenge you to listen to and sit absolutely still:

See if you can sit perfectly still through this one:

From jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman’s 1994 CD, MoodSwing.

Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Brad Mehldau – piano
Christian McBride – bass
Brian Blade – drums

This song comes from Maria McKee’s first solo, self-titled CD from 1989, after two as the lead singer for the early “cowpunk” band Lone Justice.

Lorraine Feather, the daughter of noted jazz critic Leonard Feather, is a singer-songwriter noted for her clever lyrics and convoluted wordplay in her music. “I know the Way to Brooklyn” is from her 2005 CD Dooji Wooji.

You just never know what you will come across on YouTube. This video features my all time favorite band with my all time favorite female singer:

This is the title track of this Oregon-based singer-songwriter’s 13th CD, Swim (2014). The only one of hers I own is her second one, It’s A Miracle, from 1989.

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