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   Marissa Nadler is a singer-songwriter who had a concert in New York City last night. I didn’t go, but there was a brief write-up about it ahead of time in yesterday’s NY Times. Her music was described as “goth-tinged experimental folk music,” which seems to sum it up quite succinctly.

   She has a number of videos available on YouTube. Of those I’ve seen so far, this is the one I liked best. That it was written by Leonard Cohen may have something to do with it.

   A rare instance of this song being sung as an actual lullaby:

This song appeared on this Chilean born jazz singer’s first album, Wind from the South (Verve, 2000).

   “Lady of the Ark” is a song from Kyle Craft’s debut album Dolls of the Highland (Sub Pop, 2016).

Live on THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW, a song from her 1987 album “Angel with a Lariat”:

Another song I challenge you to listen to and sit absolutely still:

See if you can sit perfectly still through this one:

From jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman’s 1994 CD, MoodSwing.

Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Brad Mehldau – piano
Christian McBride – bass
Brian Blade – drums

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